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Consulting Germany Kft.

Cégjegyzékszám: 01-09-379724

Adószám: 29032754-2-41

EU asz.: HUOCCSZ.01-09-379724

Cím: 1134 Budapest, Váci út 47. E.

Telefonszám: +36 1 622 0430

Mail: (készülőben)

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Entering foreign markets

Due to the small Hungarian market in European comparison and the lower solvent demand, several Hungarian companies see the solution for the further development of their business as entering the foreign market.

In Europe, Germany has one of the most favourable economic policy environments. Our goal is for Hungarian companies to be able to assess the competitiveness of their company in this market after a professional market analysis.

"Consulting Germany" not only supports Hungarian companies interested in Germany in entering the market, but also provides assistance to German companies looking for a new opportunity in Hungary.

With our work, we ensure the professional planning and development of processes, taking into account the current economic policy and trade information.

It also offers an opportunity for businesses that were previously constrained by a lack of market and language skills to make this decision.

Administration in existing export markets

"Consulting Germany" can also provide a full range of foreign trade administration in existing export markets.

Content of our service

The services of “Consulting Germany” offer a solution to overcome the  obstacles above.

Our consultants use their experience and network of contacts to help you personally appear and stand out in foreign markets.

With our help, you can avoid both unsuccessful partner search attempts and unnecessary business trips!

Our consultants, who are perfectly acquainted with the Hungarian and German economic policy environment, have accurate information:

  • on solvent demand,
  • about potential suppliers,
  • on legal backgrounds,
  • on tax features,
  • regional differences.

And through our cooperating partners, we can provide you with additional necessary knowledge and services!

The fee for our service

Our remuneration is based on an individual basis for each project.

The consulting fee is calculated based on the hourly cost.

In all cases, we plan the processes together with our Client.

Thus, the hourly expenditure required by our consultants can be easily tracked without hidden costs.