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About us

The founder of “Consulting Germany”, Dávid Bazsinka is an economist with a decade of professional background, who has mastered the business development profession in the fields of foreign trade, sales and marketing.

The team of "Consulting Germany", supplemented by external experts, strives to expand the relations between Hungarian and German companies, open new markets and new business opportunities for them bilaterally.


Our mission

Our goal is to help Hungarian and German partners find each other with a high level of expertise, consistent project management and personal commitment, thus contributing to the economic and commercial growth of our clients.

Our mission focuses on the growth of your business, the foundation and sustainable consolidation of sustainable corporate economic results.

With extensive experience, a cross-disciplinary network and state-of-the-art technical solutions, we ensure that we meet the challenges of any task.

This guarantees the efficiency of our activities and tangible results for your business.

Our customers

The clients of "Consulting Germany" are Hungarian and German small and medium-sized companies that want to appear abroad with their products and services and subsidiaries, thus expanding their markets and businesses:

our main area of expertise is consulting on cross-border service provision.

In addition, we are at your disposal with our services for all those companies whose management size does not allow the establishment of an independent export department operating within the company.

Contact us with confidence!